Risk Analysis And Management

We see order, supply, logistics and finance processes as an integral part of foreign trade. We manage your import and export transactions with this awareness and position ourselves at the center of all these processes and inform our customers by analyzing possible risks.

As a result of the audit activities carried out by us, risky areas are determined as red dots. With the“risk management” approach, it refers to the management aimed at eliminating the problems without damaging the company or with the least damage.

At this stage;

  • Monetary equivalent of risk,
  • The administrative dimension of the risk,
  • The forensic dimension of the risk,
  • Completeness of the risk,
  • Minimization of the effect,
  • Covering the risks by insurance

The risk is tried to be managed in the best way with the analyzes to be made in the field. As a resultof the evaluations, the customs and foreign trade risks carried by the company and suggestionsregarding their management are shared with the company management.