AEO Implementations

We provide the purchase, use and periodic reporting of the internationally valid AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate) with our trained and experienced consultants, and we provide our customers with a competitive advantage with cost advantage.

Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Consultancy

  • Permission to declare with missing document
  • Lump sum guarantee authority
  • ATR issuance permission under simplified operation
  • Permission to issue Invoice Decleration / EUR MED Invoice Decleration
  • Common simplified procedure with full disclosure (onboard processing)
  • Export and import declarations without adding any documents
  • Ability to submit an analysis report based on six months ago
  • Receiving the goods without the analysis results
  • On-site customs clearance permission for export
  • On-site customs clearance permission for import
  • Authorized sender authorization and authorized recipient authority
  • Green line authorization
  • Less and priority control of customs declarations
  • Preparation of an annual report
  • Post-check control consultancy