Import Services

Together with you, our valued customers, we manage the entire import process, including certification services, consultancy services and post-import e-archive services, which are required by the legal regulations before and after the transaction, and provide smooth delivery.

  • Preliminary work on imported goods (quota, surveillance, standardization, other restrictions and determination of preliminary permits)
  • Determination of Customs Tariff Statistics Position (HS Code)
  • Creating a material-based product data
  • Collecting ordino and bank documents
  • The original certified documents are submitted to the operation department
  • Follow-up of the appropriate regime (In-Process Regime, Warehouse Regime etc.)
  • Customs approval and inspection of goods
  • Paying related guarantees and taxes by making accurals
  • In case of deficiency, damage or error, keeping the minutes and informing the relevant units,
  • The physical delivery of the goods to the address specified in the instructions given by the relevant company,
  • The delivery of the documents to the customer quickly with the document delivery form