Incentive Consulting

Our incentive application department plans and manages all your complex and specialized projects.

It allows you to benefit from all the incentives offered by the Government in the manufacture of your exported products in addition to investment and export. INWARD PROCESSING CERTIFICATE which allows you to obtain the inputs you use in the production of your exported products tax-free, and INVESTMENT INCENTIVE CERTIFICATE, which provides important supports such as tax exemption, interest support, investment location allocation, tax deduction, revision, consultancy and completes all the procedures related to the completion visa procedures and receiving and closing the documents in question with its professional staff..

In this context, the most frequently used incentives are as follows:

  • Inward Processing Regime
  • External Processing Regime
  • Investment Incentive Certificate
  • Investment Incentive With Leasing

Other Services;

  • Approved Person Status Document Processes,
  • Collateral Refund Processes,
  • Turkish Standards Institute Conformity Assessment Procedures,
  • Risk Based Control System Applications in Trade, Dimensions and Settings Operations,
  • Conformity Assessment Procedures of Ministry of Food,
  • Agriculture,
  • Permission Used Item Import Permit Procedures,
  • Foreign Personnel Employee Permitions,
  • Warranty Certificate Procedures,
  • Quota and Surveillance Certificate Procedures,
  • Energy Market Regulatory Authority,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Permition Procedures,
  • Government Aids and Supports Abroad office-store Opening Support,
  • Branding Support ,
  • Turquality Support Procedures.