Measure Against Dumping in Import of Goods with GTP of 8302.10, 8302.50, 8302.42 of South Korea and Macedonia Origin / Exit

With the Communiqué on the Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports (No: 2021/14) published in the Official Gazette dated 27.03.2021, the hinges (excluding those used in civil aircraft; 8302.10. 00.00.12 customs tariff statistics heading except for transport vehicles) “,” fixed hangers, hat hangers, elbows, similar goods “defined in 8302. customs tariff statistics and” fixed hangers, hat hangers, elbows, similar articles “and defined in 8302. customs tariff statistics. In the import of “others for furniture (excluding those used in civil aircraft and seat shock absorbers)”, it has been decided to apply anti-dumping measures as indicated in the following table:

This communiqué entered into force on 27.03.2021, please click to access the relevant Official Gazette.